4-H can get pretty confusing. Here's some tips and tricks- organized by contest- to help you better navigate your way!

Window Wow

The Overview

  • Currently, this is only in some Texas counties
  • It is held at the Fashion Show
  • It's a super fun competition in which teams of 4 people have 1hr+ to design a storefront based on a theme
  • You have an area about the size of a folding table
  • It must be based on a theme, which is usually pretty vague to allow teams to be creative

What NOT to do

  • Don't plan on winging it. 
  • Don't attempt to bring items from just your house. Get the whole team to help
Tips and Tricks

  • This is a storefront, remember? It can be eclectic! Borrow Grandma's antique sewing machine or enlist your youth pastor's help in painting a mural on canvas to be your background
  • Study storefronts in your town
  • Make your design eye-catching
  • Assign each member a task so you don't all run around. The judges like organized, well-prepared teams 

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